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Are You a Planner or an Executor?

Are you struggling with making plans or taking actions or both, planning and acting upon your goals in life?

Is this a challenge that is stopping you from achieving growth? 

If your answer is yes, then you might just have found the right hack for you, to improve these skills and progress with your goals, in order to accomplish them faster.

Planning and Execution are the two pillars of goal fulfilment.

A very simple mantra by Margaret Thatcher says “Plan your work for today and everyday, then work your plan.”

Now, let’s see how important planning is!

Planning is a key aspect in every area of life, starting from planning your day, to household chores, to career, to life goals, and so on. Your goal can be as small as preparing your lunch, to as big as planning a product launch for your company.

Planning gives a direction to the work that you want to do. Imagine a day without planning! You can’t, can you?

Antoine de Saint Exupéry once said “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

You might be having a lot of things to work on and a lot of tasks to complete, but if you do not make a map, you might get lost on the way. And for this, time management also plays a predominant role. Allotting time to tasks makes the job smooth-sailing, as you know exactly what to do and when to do. Adding a blueprint makes achieving goals easier, as you get a step-by-step formula.

Now, why is executing important?

There might be times when we fear success or procrastinate to act upon our plan. There could be several reasons for this, but we should know that our limitations lie within us. If you really want to do something, there is nothing that can stop you from fulfilling it!

In the words of Pablo Picasso, “Action is the foundation key to all success.”

While passion is a force that will keep you driving to act upon your plan, it is also necessary to implement your plan on time and not lose focus. Putting your focus on many things at the same time might deviate you from the main idea. When acting upon a plan, we also have to check our resources beforehand.

For example, you have a step-by-step business idea, but it only remains an idea until you really start working upon it by gathering the necessary resources and information in one place. Once you start acting on it, you get one step closer to your goal.

As a matter of fact, both planning and acting upon the plan are vital. Planning and  execution go hand-in-hand. One cannot work without the other. Having a goal merely does not help you to successfully achieve it.

Get excited! Now I am going to share with you a letter in Graphology that will help you to identify how well you plan and execute in your life.

The formation of the Letter ‘ f ’, based on the way you write it, reveals how well you plan and execute.

Closing your loops in the letter ‘ f ’ is very important. The upper part of the letter ‘ f ’ shows the planning aspect of your personality, and the lower part of the letter ‘ f ’ is all about the execution.

The writers with only the upper loop (as in the image below) are good at organizing and planning. It shows that their execution is weak.

The writers with only the lower loop (as in the image below) are good with taking spontaneous actions that are backed by little or no planning.

So, with this very powerful hack in Graphology, you can now understand why it is very important to maintain a balance between the two parts of the letter ‘ f ’by completing both the loops.

The writers who finish their ‘ f ’ plan and execute simultaneously, and you can see the results of that in whatever they are doing. The accomplishment of their aims is really high.

To change your planning and execution quotients to achieve a perfect balance between the two, practice writing the letter ‘ f ’ as given in the image below. This powerful Graphology tool would surely see you through to achieve your goals with success, abundance and ease.

Additional Tip :

A very simple yet powerful tip to achieve your goal is to take a sheet of paper and write your ideas down. Words have a lot of power, and when you define what you want to do, why you want to do it, and how you want to do it to hit the goal, it gives you a lot of clarity.

Enjoy the results that you are now ready to achieve!

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