Basic Certification Course in Graphology for Mentors -
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Basic Certification Course in Graphology for Mentor’s and Professional’s


Learn about 40-50 personality traits, and provide a complete SWOT Analysis to the writer, outlining their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.


Course Duration : 6 hours

Course Mode : Offline / Online

Course Price : INR 6,000 / INR 4,500

Basic Certification Course in Graphology for Mentors/Professionals


Mentors and Professionals are the one who are on a constant learning mode. Interestingly, their quest for learning is never fulfilled by one single branch or field. They find learning in every segment of society and like to keep growing.


Mentors understand the value of learning and keep building themselves as well as others on it. Just like teachers, they have direct impact on the society.


Professionals on the other hand, cannot limit themselves to their product or service. With just 24 hours in hand, they are constantly generating the future generation of leaders who are going to take their dreams to next level.


However, to do this, an issue which mentors and professionals constantly face is understanding the mind set of their pupils or team members.


What if we told you that with little bit understand of handwriting, you can read the mind of a person better and more importantly, can provide better life or work insights to them.


What will you Learn?


  • Introduction to Graphology
  • Applications of Graphology
  • Relation of Pen & Paper
  • Introduction to the Mind and some Universal Laws
  • Study of Margins, Size, Baselines, Slants
  • Introduction to Alphabets
  • How to Give a SWOT Analysis through Graphology
  • And more …


How will it help you as a Mentor/Professional?


By the end of this course, you will be able to understand the concepts and working of the mind, as your handwriting is the impression of your mind on the paper.


The handwriting parameters covered in this course are universal and easy to understand and adapt, thus enabling you to analyse a sample written in any language.


You will be able to identify about 40-50 personality traits, and provide a complete SWOT Analysis to the writer, outlining their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.


As a mentor, this helps you understanding the traits of your pupil and guide them to build on their strength and weaknesses proportionately.


As a professional, this helps you to better allocate your team members to respective projects. You can understand the strengths of individuals and delegate work responsibilities accordingly.


What would be the mode of operations?


Offline Classes would be held at the Minto Park Centre, Kolkata.


Online Classes would be held via Zoom application, including face-to-face video calling classes with the faculty, screen-sharing to view PPT, white-board feature to view letters & patterns.


Thinking about course material?


Hardcopy of the course material would be sent to you.


Class timings will be decided upon course registration.


Offline Price: INR 6,000 + GST
Online Price: INR 4,500 + GST

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Why learn Graphology


Learning Graphology can help in more than many ways. Basically, it is personality assessment through handwriting. It gives a complete SWOT Analysis, outlining the writer’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It can be used in various fields :


Personality Profiling : It Helps In The Assessment Of Personality Traits Of An Individual, Which The Writer Might Not Be Consciously Aware Of.


Self-Development : Self-Development Can Happen Only With Self-Awareness, And Graphology Is By-Far One Of The Best Tools To Help You With The Same.


Understanding Others : While It’s Tough To Read The Minds Of Others Directly, Graphology Comes In As A Very Quick And Easy Solution To Understand People Around You.


Compatibility Assessment (Personal & Business) : It Is Useful For Checking Compatibility Of Business And Personal Relationships, And It Is Also A Great Tool For Selecting The Right Life Partner.


Child Development : It Can Be Used As A Base For Resolving Sensitive Issues That Might Come Up During The Up-Bringing Of The Child.


Family Development : A Group Handwriting Analysis/Therapy Can Help The Family Members Have A Better Understanding Of Each Other And Resolve Conflicts, If Any.


Career Guidance : It Can Be Applied For Those Seeking Employment Or A Change Of Direction, Or Just To Understand Where They Stand With Their Career Strengths.


Recruitment : It Can Be Used At Every Level Of Hiring To Select The Right Candidate For The Right Profile, And Also For Personnel Screening.


Corporate Training : It Can Highlight Employee’s Skills, Dedication, Integrity, And Many Such Aspects That Are Relevant For Organisational Success.


In addition to all of the above, learning the full course at Nirvaanalife’s Institute can help you take-up Graphology as a trainer, analyst or therapist, or even to create your own niche with the subject!


At Nirvaanalife’s Institute, Learning Never Ends!



How will it help you?


Most of the students who have opted for this composite Graphology course have gone through a complete transformation themselves, as the course journeys you through the in-depth psychology of the mind, body and soul.


Dealing with people and their minds can sometimes become a tough job, and a thorough knowledge of Graphology ensures a quick and effective understanding of the mind, just at a glance, through the handwriting. Graphology will emerge as your go-to tool for every sphere in your life.


Hence, the knowledge of Graphology can be used by anyone and anywhere – at your home, at your workplace, with friends, with family, and much more. There is no limitation to the study of Graphology, and it becomes a part of your life.


This course will help you provide a professional and complete analysis, guide others towards overcoming their challenges, and you can also take up teaching at the end of this course. It provides a perfect platform for your Personal and Professional growth.

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