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Graphology Course

The world of Graphology is fascinating,
and that’s probably one of the reasons that you’re here!


Nirvaanalife’s Institute is a Graphology Institute. We offer Graphology Courses in Kolkata in person. Also, we provide online Graphology Courses in India.


  • The  Graphology Offline Course is conducted at our two centres in Kolkata, India – in Salt Lake and in Minto Park.
  • The Graphology Online Course is conducted via Zoom application, well-suited for those across India and abroad, and for those who want to take a distance-learning approach.


All of the course material for every course is provided by Nirvaanalife’s Institute, and we run various batches simultaneously to offer flexibility of days and timings for you!


The range of courses we offer covers all levels of suitability for students –


  • The Basic Certification Course in Graphology is well suited for those who are curious to know what Graphology is all about, and want to learn 40 – 50 traits to give a quick analysis.
  • The Learner Certification Course in Graphology is well suited for those who want to provide a more thorough analysis to the writer through all mediums – Handwriting, Signature, and Drawing.
  • The Advance Certification Course in Graphology is the complete and composite course in Graphology, covering everything right from start to end, including an in-depth study of Handwriting Analysis, Signature Analysis, Drawing Analysis, and Graphotherapy, along with an experience of Practical Sessions.


We at Nirvaanalife’s Institute have always believed and focused on a strong take-away for our students at all levels of learning, and our courses are designed so.


Keep on reading to know more!

Basic Certification Course in Graphology


Course Duration : 6 hours


Who is this course for?


This basic graphology course is for the curious one!


This quick 6 hours course in Graphology covers all you need to know to analyse any written sample, and identify 40-50 personality traits.


What will you Learn?


  • Introduction to Graphology
  • Applications of Graphology
  • Relation of Pen & Paper
  • Introduction to the Mind and some Universal Laws
  • Study of Margins, Size, Baselines, Slants
  • Introduction to Alphabets
  • How to Give a SWOT Analysis through Graphology
  • And more …


How will it help you?


By the end of this course, you will be able to understand the concepts and working of the mind, as your handwriting is the impression of your mind on the paper.


The handwriting parameters covered in this course are universal and easy to understand and adapt, thus enabling you to analyse a sample written in any language.


You will be able to identify about 40-50 personality traits, and provide a complete SWOT Analysis to the writer, outlining their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

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Learner Certification Course in Graphology


Course Duration : 30 hours


Who is this course for?


This course is for those who want to take their analysis to the next level, using all the mediums – Handwriting, Signature and Drawing.


This 30 hours course will ensure more in-depth knowledge, along with a more precise and specific understanding of the parameters that will be taught in the class.


What will you get?


  • All Contents of the Basic Certification Course in Graphology [refer above]
  • Concept of Why
  • Study of Spacing, Connections, Pressure, Handwriting Zones
  • Study of Pen Strokes
  • Detailed Study of Some More Alphabets
  • Psychology Behind the Signature
  • Effects of Signature on Your Life
  • Designing the Right Signature
  • Study of Different Patterns of Drawing
  • Psychology of Colours
  • Understanding of Metaphors
  • Practical Sample Analysis
  • And more …


How will it help you?


By the end of this course, you will be able to provide an in-depth analysis to the writer, through a detailed study of the Handwriting, Signature and Drawing.


The various parameters covered here give a well-rounded approach to the analysis, and in addition to a SWOT Analysis, you will be able to consult the writer regarding their own mindset, their approach towards life, their relationships with others, their career-orientation, and much more.


The psychology behind Drawing & Colours is a great addition in analysing the samples of both, children and adults. It is also a great stand-alone tool to understand the mindset of those who cannot or do not wish to write.

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Advance Certification Course In Graphology


Course Duration : 60 hours


Who is this course for?


With this course, you are in for the complete experience!


You might have various reasons to enroll for this course, ranging from Self Development to the Development of Others through the various tools that are taught in this course, or to take up Graphology as a Profession – either as an analyst, trainer or therapist.


This course provides a composite and in-depth study of Handwriting Analysis, Signature Analysis and Drawing Analysis, and it also covers Graphotherapy and Personality Correction through Graphology.


What will you get?


  • All Contents of the Basic Certification Course in Graphology [refer above]
  • All Contents of the Learner Certification Course in Graphology [refer above]
  • More Study on the Mind and Belief System
  • Study of Rhythm and Speed
  • Study of Starting Strokes & Ending Strokes
  • Identifying Deeper Traits
  • Graphological Signs of Different Behaviours
  • Relationship Understanding & Traits
  • Career Understanding & Traits
  • Health Traits
  • Children’s Handwriting
  • Doodles
  • More on Analysis
  • Understanding Graphotherapy
  • Learning How to Give Graphotherapy
  • Personalised Graphotherapy Sessions for Your Growth
  • And more …



How will it help you?


Most of the students who have opted for this composite Graphology course have gone through a complete transformation themselves, as the course journeys you through the in-depth psychology of the mind, body and soul.


Dealing with people and their minds can sometimes become a tough job, and a thorough knowledge of Graphology ensures a quick and effective understanding of the mind, just at a glance, through the handwriting. Graphology will emerge as your go-to tool for every sphere in your life.


Hence, the knowledge of Graphology can be used by anyone and anywhere – at your home, at your workplace, with friends, with family, and much more. There is no limitation to the study of Graphology, and it becomes a part of your life.


This course will help you provide a professional and complete analysis, guide others towards overcoming their challenges, and you can also take up teaching at the end of this course. It provides a perfect platform for your Personal and Professional growth.

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