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Basic Certification Course in Graphology


Course Duration : 6 hours


Course Price : INR 4,500 / USD 75

Who is this course for?


This basic graphology course is for the curious one!


This quick 6 hours course in Graphology covers all you need to know to analyse any written sample, and identify 40-50 personality traits.


What will you Learn?


  • Introduction to Graphology
  • Applications of Graphology
  • Relation of Pen & Paper
  • Introduction to the Mind and some Universal Laws
  • Study of Margins, Size, Baselines, Slants
  • Introduction to Alphabets
  • How to Give a SWOT Analysis through Graphology
  • And more …


How will it help you?


Consider this as the graphology for beginners. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand the concepts and working of the mind, as your handwriting is the impression of your mind on the paper.


The handwriting parameters covered in this course are universal and easy to understand and adapt, thus enabling you to analyse a sample written in any language.


You will be able to identify about 40-50 personality traits, and provide a complete SWOT Analysis to the writer, outlining their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

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Signature Analysis Course


Course Duration : 5 hours


Course Price : INR 6,000 / USD 90

Who is this course for?


If you’ve been one who wished that you could know a person by way of how s/he signs, then you are at the right place. The course has been designed to help understand the mindset, patterns and underlying traits of a person through the Signature.


It is the perfect tool to help you understand people better in a quick and easy way, to deal and communicate with them more effectively. This course can well be taken up by a beginner also, who does not have any prior knowledge about Graphology.


What will you Learn?


  • Purpose of Signature
  • Psychology Behind the Signature
  • Effects of Signature on Your Life
  • Placement of the Signature
  • Size of the Signature
  • Pressure and Speed of the Signature
  • Direction and Slant of the Signature
  • Zones in the Signature
  • Spacing in the Signature
  • Connections in the Signature
  • Balance within the Signature
  • Legible and Illegible Signatures
  • Decorations and Accessories in Signatures
  • Underlined Signatures
  • Upper Case and Lower Case Signatures
  • Meaning of Multiple Signatures
  • Designing the Right Signature for You
  • And more …


How will it help you?


As the signature is the unique public image of the person that they want to reveal to you, it provides an impression of their interaction with their external environment, and through a deep analysis you also get to understand their internal environment – their mindset, thought process, attitudes and aptitudes. This course can help professionals who want to better understand their co-workers or clients, or team leaders who want to understand and increase the effectiveness of their team members, or even anybody who just wants to know the people around them better.


More Details


Classes will be conducted Online via Zoom application, including face-to-face video calling classes with the faculty, screen-sharing to view PPT, white-board feature to view letters & patterns, and the course material will be sent to you.


You will just have to follow an easy link to complete your online registration and payment procedure.

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Basic Certification Course and Signature Analysis Course


Course Duration : 12 hours


Course Price : INR 10,500 INR 9,000 / USD 135

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What is Graphology

Graphology is the study of analysing the characteristics of an individual through their Handwriting. It is based on the principle that every individual’s Handwriting has a Style and Character of its own, and this reveals how one feels about self, others and the world around them.


Is Graphology a Science or an Art?


Graphology is considered both as a Science and as an Art.


It is a Science because it helps measure the Structure and Movement of the written form – such as Slant, Angles, Spacing, Pressure and much more. It is an Art because it takes into account the whole context of the Writing – i.e. the ‘Gestalt’ of the writing as a whole.


Every Line, Curve, Loop and Dot that the writer places on the paper is a Reflection of the Subconscious Mind of the Writer. Thus, the writer’s Handwriting becomes a scale to measure their Physical, Emotional, and Mental states.

Why learn Graphology


Learning Graphology can help in more than many ways. Basically, it is personality assessment through handwriting. It gives a complete SWOT Analysis, outlining the writer’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It can be used in various fields :


  • Personality Profiling
  • Self-Development
  • Understanding Others
  • Compatibility Assessment (Personal & Business)
  • Child Development
  • Family Development
  • Career Guidance
  • Recruitment
  • Corporate Training


In addition to all of the above, learning the full course at Nirvaanalife’s Institute can help you take-up Graphology as a trainer, analyst or therapist, or even to create your own niche with the subject!


At Nirvaanalife’s Institute, Learning Never Ends!

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About us

Founded by Sushama K Jain with the thought that every person has the right to live a happy and meaningful life.


She realised that people got stuck in a series of complexities, whereas living a meaningful life was extremely simple! Through Graphology and other self-development tools, she found a way to create a happy place for learning and transformation. This gave birth to Nirvaanalife’s Institute, a Graphology Institute in Kolkata.


She found, with her, the support of a strong team that not only believed in her, but also believed that all of this and more is possible. This zeal for ensuring growth has led us to where we are today.

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How do we teach Graphology at Nirvaanalife’s Institute?


Nirvaanalife’s Institute is a Premier Graphology Institute in India. We offer Graphology Courses in Kolkata in person and through online platform, globally.


  • Offline Courses: Kolkata, India (Saltlake and Mintopark)
  • Online Courses: Globally, through Zoom Application


All of the course material for every course is provided by Nirvaanalife’s Institute, and we run various batches simultaneously to offer flexibility of days and timings for you!


The range of courses we offer covers all levels of suitability for students –


  • The Basic Certification Course in Graphology
  • The Learner Certification Course in Graphology
  • The Advance Certification Course in Graphology


We at Nirvaanalife’s Institute have always believed and focused on a strong take-away for our students at all levels of learning, and our courses are designed so.


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