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What is Graphology

Graphology is the study of analysing the characteristics of an individual through their Handwriting. It is based on the principle that every individual’s Handwriting has a Style and Character of its own, and this reveals how one feels about self, others and the world around them.


Is Graphology a Science or an Art?


Graphology is considered both as a Science and as an Art.


It is a Science because it helps measure the Structure and Movement of the written form – such as Slant, Angles, Spacing, Pressure and much more. It is an Art because it takes into account the whole context of the Writing – i.e. the ‘Gestalt’ of the writing as a whole.


Every Line, Curve, Loop and Dot that the writer places on the paper is a Reflection of the Subconscious Mind of the Writer. Thus, the writer’s Handwriting becomes a scale to measure their Physical, Emotional, and Mental states.

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In the Hustle and Bustle of the busy-ness of our daily lives, there are times when we tend to drift away from who we actually are, and what we actually want to do. While there are many theories that can help you get a better understanding of yourself, a Grapho-Analysis of your own Handwriting can do wonders.


What can a Grapho-Analysis do?


A Grapho-Analysis, with a good Graphologist, can provide a complete SWOT Analysis, outlining the writer’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.


It not only provides relevant and useful information about the various Attitudes and Aptitudes of the Writer, but it also helps the writer to introspect upon these qualities and thus be able to live a more Meaningful and Successful Life.


Graphology Analysis helps you gain a better understanding of your Relationships, Work-Life Balance, Career, Health, and various other important factors about your Life.

Grapho Analysis by Instructor


Price: INR 1,499 / USD 25

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Grapho Analysis by Founder (Sushama K Jain)


Price INR 5,000 / USD 75

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It is not that we do not want to change our Old and Negative Patterns, most of the times we do not know How To. Grapho-Therapy is a unique way of creating Positive Changes in Life, at a Deeper Subconscious Level. This is done by practicing certain written Strokes and Patterns for a period of time, hence changing the Outlook of the person towards their Life.


How Can Grapho-Therapy help?


As every Movement, Form and Style within the writing implies a certain Characteristic, a Change in the same Leads to a Change in the overall Personality. Just as the Thoughts can be read through the Handwriting, a Good Change in the Handwriting can lead to Positive Thoughts, Actions and Behaviours.


This is a very Simple and Effective, yet a Powerful Tool, to overcome challenges related to Health, Relationships, Business, Children, or General Attitudes towards Life.


Grapho-Therapy can help you increase your Productivity and get ‘unstuck’, thus helping you move from where you are to where you want to be.


We can provide Grapho-Therapy in Kolkata in person. Also, you can book online sessions with us.

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Why learn Graphology

Learning Graphology can help in more than many ways. Basically, it is personality assessment through handwriting. It gives a complete SWOT Analysis, outlining the writer’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It can be used in various fields :

  • Personality Profiling : It helps in the assessment of personality traits of an individual, which the writer might not be consciously aware of.
  • Self-Development : Self-development can happen only with self-awareness, and Graphology is by-far one of the best tools to help you with the same.
  • Understanding Others : While it’s tough to read the minds of others directly, Graphology comes in as a very quick and easy solution to understand people around you.
  • Compatibility Assessment (Personal & Business) : It is useful for checking compatibility of business and personal relationships, and it is also a great tool for selecting the right life partner.
  • Child Development : It can be used as a base for resolving sensitive issues that might come up during the up-bringing of the child.
  • Family Development : A group handwriting analysis/therapy can help the family members have a better understanding of each other and resolve conflicts, if any.
  • Career Guidance : It can be applied for those seeking employment or a change of direction, or just to understand where they stand with their career strengths.
  • Recruitment : It can be used at every level of hiring to select the right candidate for the right profile, and also for personnel screening.
  • Corporate Training : It can highlight employee’s skills, dedication, integrity, and many such aspects that are relevant for organisational success.

In addition to all of the above, learning the full course at Nirvaanalife’s Institute can help you take-up Graphology as a trainer, analyst or therapist, or even to create your own niche with the subject!


At Nirvaanalife’s Institute, Learning Never Ends!