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This 2 minute read changed my life during Covid. See how!

Stress, Covid, Lockdown, Pandemic, Anxiety … They all seem to be ‘parts of a whole’ for the time being.

We use this word ‘STRESS’ without much realisation of what it is, from where it is actually emerging, and how it affects our life.

Let us understand what it is. We weave all of our life around expectations. Expectations of good health, loving relationships, lots of money, successful projects, promotions, or simply of becoming a better human being. And then comes reality, and here, not everything has transformed as per what we had expected. And lo, there’s a gap – and stress hits! More the gap, more the stress. Take 2020. What we expected and what’s happening is so different.

Its already a long time now, and the struggle with Covid continues, the struggle with the stress created continues.

The cause of this can be a lost job, inability to pay bills, work from home disorders, toll on mental health, anything. But rather than just moving around it, DID YOU PAUSE? Pause to create a good strategy as to how to come out of it.

GRAPHOLOGY HELPS and it’s obliviously simple.

You can count on us here, as we have seen people flipping their lives up and down from here to there. People going from minimum wage to seven figures per annum entrepreneurs, from being depressed and alone to the brightest in the room, from being suicidal to actually being happy. We have all been in situations that have caused us tremendous amounts of pain, and most of the time we end up going for solutions that temporarily make us feel okay. But unless you take care of your life and do things with consistency, not much will move and change.

Now, the big thing is …

Do you know what Graphology is? Click Here to know more about it.

Graphology is the art of reading thoughts, habits and patterns of a person’s life through their handwriting. Your handwriting is actually your mind writing, and it mirrors your thoughts, both negative and positive. It is as if a picture has been taken of how you live your life. Anything that can be mentioned as a problem CAN BE SOLVED. Yes, you got it right! A well experienced Graphologist can help you understand where you stand right now. Graphology can help you understand what your weaknesses are, and how you can deal with them. It can also help you know what your strengths are, and how you can put them more effectively into action.

Don’t stop where you see the hurdles, lets run the race and finish it.

Scroll down and check if what we are about to share can help make a change.


Let’s do something interesting and probably something that I am assuming that you are doing for the first time. Let’s read your state, and bring a change here with the help of some super easy and super effective tools.

Write something on a piece of paper. Write a few lines, preferably on an unruled sheet. Let’s start with a diagnosis. Check how you write the letter ‘t’. It can tell you a lot about your self-esteem, your confidence level, your goals etc. Click Here to know more about this alphabet and how to fix it.

Put aside a ruled notebook, and practice the correct letter ‘t’ formation for the next 30 days. To change, CHANGE.

Here’s one more pattern that you can include as a part of your daily practice (in a plain notebook), and see how harmony, peace and calmness will become a natural state again.


Write down your emotions on a paper. Yes, expressing emotions, even on a piece of paper, always helps.

Relax. Sometimes it’s good to do nothing. Yes, NOTHING!

Read more books. There can be no overdose of this! Read good books as much as you can.

Join communities. There are many. Get into one that suits you. Socialising never did any harm to anyone. That’s productive and uplifting.

Help those in need. What better way to give meaning to your own life than by adding some to the lives of others? DO IT!

Join a course, there’s nothing like it! Open yourself. Stress will close you and learning something new will open you up. If you are interested in learning Graphology, Click Here .

Talk. Share. Talk. Share. As much as you want to. If there’s no one, write to us. We shall give in our best!

To book a session with a Graphologist Click Here .

We all deserve an amazing life! Let not these unprecedented times take away our calmness. You have the Key to the Lockdown. You have it in you to sail through it. Why not start NOW?

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