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How Graphology complements Time Management

Every stroke in our handwriting says a lot about our personality, and Graphology is the tool to understand the traits of a person through their handwriting.

However, you should be aware that there are people who can do this sort of writing nicely.

The handwriting gives us useful insights about what kind of behaviour the person holds and how they react to their surroundings.

Also, we have to understand that we are in a generation of multitasking, where time is a very big driving force. Time is something that each human being has equally, without any bias, and these 24 hours of a day are given to everyone. It is upon us as to how we utilise the gift.

Focusing on numerous tasks at the same timeis a cause of confusion (as seen above), and the process continues. Once this initiates, it becomes a trait in you and starts reflecting in your handwriting. What you think is what you do and that becomes a part of you(as seen below).

Now, there are some people who under-utilise it and some who over-utilise it. Some are lethargic and some are workaholics. But the real secret is in using time effectively. It is more important to be efficient than to just slog all day.

With the help of handwriting analysis, you can see if a person is relaxed during the day or is doing too much in a day. As mentioned above, we are in the age of multitasking, and when you try to squeeze in too many tasks in a day, you also increase your stress levels. There will always be some rush in the back of the mind to finish the unfinished activities. Because of this, you tend to leave tasks unfinished by doing bits of everything. This in turn, results in a longer time to do the same work that could have been completed faster with a little more focus.

When you see too many irregularities and changes in the script, this implies that there is a lot of confusion of interest, and you can notice this even just by reading the behaviour of the person. You will see a loss of clarity in his activities and that the person is unable to concentrate. The reason being that the person has a lot on his plate. So, what actually happens is that the person is unable to finish his tasks properly as he has other things on his mind that are yet to be completed. He will be in a hurry to finish one task and jump to another task, which develops another trait of poor management skills.

To manage your time, here are some tips to be productive and use time judiciously:

1. Bring clarity and simplicity in the way you write – A regular and clear script indicates clarity in your mind, thus avoiding confusion and improvingyour time management skills.

2. Focus on one task at a time – A little multitasking is not bad, but it has to be skilfully handled. You can do so by finishing one task completely and then taking up the next one. Avoid focusing on two tasks at the same time.

3. Make a to-do list – Make a to-do list or maintain a diary for your activities. Bring clarity in your thoughts and it will start reflecting everywhere, even in your handwriting.

4. Trust the people you work with – If you start taking up everything just because you feel you can do it better or doubt if the work will be done on time or not, you will end up being in a soup.

5. Smart work over hard work – Break big tasks into smaller tasks, and develop the skill to delegate them. You will see how easily you finish them.

6. Complete the letter ‘F’–  If you are not finishing the letter ‘f’, start NOW as it shows a lack of focus. You can practice the letter as shown below.

This will help you in increasing your focus, which in turn will make your planning and execution of activities stronger.

7. Learn to SAY NO – If you have too many activities in hand, do not take unnecessary responsibility for new tasks. It’s a good idea to say no sometimes.

All the points mentioned above can be traced from your handwriting too. You can get a deeper analysis on the same, with the assistance of a graphologist. They can help you with a SWOT Analysis of your personality, and even guide you with an approach for your future.

For more information, get in touch with us at Nirvaanalife’s Institute.

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