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How to Make a To Do List?

Almost everyone knows what a ‘To Do List’ is. Some know how to make it, but there are very few who actually act upon it. 

A To Do List, simply put, is a list where you note down all the activities that need to be executed. It is different from holding all that needs to be done in your thoughts, and then reminding yourself to get reminded about it all day long or till the time it is done.

As long as things are jumbled in our minds,  things shall be jumbled in our lives. A To Do List is a vital tool for everyone – ranging from a student to a homemaker, to an employee or employer, to anyone from any walk of life. 

Importance of a To Do List

Thoughts become things only when we execute them. Over the years, in my own experience of coaching people towards greater success, helping them understand and create a To Do List has been one of the first and most vital tools amongst all. A list in front of you can do what not having one cannot.

Think – How is it to physically have stuff arranged and organised around you? It is just the same to have our mental stuff arranged and organised in such a way, that we end up doing on time, what is meaningful and relevant . 

Time Management :

Having too many tasks to do and feeling that the time available is little, can be overwhelming. Preparing a To Do List for yourself is one of the best ways to ensure time management in the best possible way. It helps you to see at a glance, all that needs to be done, and further plan, prioritise and execute them. Further, setting a timeline to your tasks (at least the important ones) helps in faster and more effective execution. 

Helps you Focus and set your Priorities right :

Working and being busy all day is very common, but not important. Productivity is. Your To Do List helps you see things with more clarity, and can be your sure-shot buddy in defining your focus and priorities. What you see is what is. It is like hitting the Go button. A Wait button forever, is no good.

Team Management :

A team working together is like coming together towards a common objective. Everyone has to work with a deadline. Segregating of tasks and each team member creating their own list, can help the team reach their goals and objectives much faster. It helps review as well. 

Time Saver :

Identify and execute. What better mantra can you ask for? Your list helps you identify all tasks, hence your focus is more on execution. There are too many distractions all around us all the time. Your list shall keep you on your toes, scraping off irrelevant activities and finishing things on time. For example, checking what’s on social media or an unimportant phone call might distract you and take away the time that you were supposed to use for your important tasks. 

Make Time for Everything :

There is time for everything. When we value time, time values us. Successful are those who’ve understood and implemented this. We don’t have to struggle to become successful. Success comes to those who consistently work day after day towards their goals and objectives and all the areas of our life are important. 

Prioritise :

A very vital one. Read on to understand how.

How to Make a To Do List 

Hit the start button and create a list of everything that needs to be done. Do not bother about making the perfect list. To make one and give it a kick start is more important. 

You may choose to create a monthly / weekly To Do List. Put in everything broadly here and place it such that you can see it every day. Now, what’s important is to create a list on a daily basis that will include all action points. Do this as one of the first things in the morning, or an evening prior. The key idea is to create it before you start your day. 

  • Write in points everything that needs to be done. All the tasks.
  • Whatever can be delegated, delegate. It’s important to do that.
  • Whatever is irrelevant, don’t even add it. If you add it at all, make sure it’s at the end.
  • Prioritise all tasks by marking them as A, B & C. A being of the highest priority. Doing this shall accelerate your day. 
  • Tasks marked as A are the most important ones. Do not delay their execution. Be on it right away. 
  • Avoid executing all A’s at one go. It might leave you exhausted. You can squeeze in C’s in between. Tasks like writing a mail, a quick phone call could be few of them. 
  • Just like we talk more freely over the phone when our cell phones are fully charged, use your morning hours to do the most productive tasks. Or else, pushing important tasks to the end of the day will make the tasks suffer, delayed or they might not get executed at all. 
  • Strike off tasks once done. You may tick or highlight or do whatever you wish. Doing so brings in a sense of accomplishment. 
  • Reward yourself and others from time to time for tasks accomplished. It feels great.  
  • Should there be any tasks remaining, put them in the next day’s To Do List right away. 

If you are looking for the right buddy to help keep you organised for the New Year ahead – check out our My Goal Diary 2021. This goal-based diary has sections to chunk down your goals on a yearly/quarterly/monthly/weekly basis, and also provides an extensive daily section to prioritise your tasks and create your own fine-tuned To Do List for each day.

Organise things in your mind, organise things on paper, organise your life. Freely put in everything in your To Do List – activities related to your health, your career, your relationships, your self-development, your spiritual practices, etc.

Plan Better and Execute Better with My Goal Diary 2021.

Make time for everything because time is freely available and sparingly used.

Use time well, live life well.

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