Is good self esteem like a maze and you the runner? Let’s find out! -
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Is good self esteem like a maze and you the runner? Let’s find out!

Often times, the journey from our childhood to adulthood gets tainted by competition and comparison so much so, that we begin to doubt and question our self-worth.

We begin to question not just our life but that of others as well.

We begin to move from end to end, between inferiority and superiority complexes, which emerge from a lack of self-worth. Neither do we truly enjoy our joys nor those of others. And none of it would have ever happened to any of us only if we would have been accepted just the way we are.

Can this change?

Well, if we weren’t born with low self-esteem, we do not have to live with it. The battle can finally settle only IF YOU WANT TO. So let’s find out how.

9 effective ways to have good and healthy self esteem

1) Accept yourself the way you are

This is a very important one. Why wait for others to accept you? Go ahead and accept yourself without being judgemental, and you’ll see how others will follow. You set the trend by treating yourself right.

2) Be generous in giving and receiving compliments

The next time someone compliments you, smile and say thank you. Also, when there’s something to appreciate in others, don’t hold yourself back. Be the first one to generously compliment.

3) Graphology & the power in the letter ‘t’

Well, Graphology helps in reading thoughts through handwriting, and there are many ways to identify the self-esteem of a person with a quick glance at the handwriting.

One quick way is to look at where the crossbar is placed on the stem of ‘t’. Lower the bar, lower is the self-esteem. Take it up like this. Raise your ‘t’ bar, Raise your self-esteem, Raise the quality of your life. The ideal way to write your ‘t’ to raise your self-esteem is as given below.

To understand more on how Graphology can help overcome procrastination, read here.

4) Write a journal everyday

How about indulging in frequent and conscious self talks that are creative, daring, crazy and fearless, and even better if they can find a way from your pen on that paper that’s ready to hold the real you.

Thoughts have power, and when you pen them down, they become more powerful, almost ready to become things. Let’s start.

5) Set goals for yourself and celebrate them

Who said that celebrations are meant to acknowledge only the victories that look big? Well, a lot goes into the making.

When you set goals and achieve them, make sure you celebrate not just the end result, but all of it, big or small. How? Share flowers, chocolates, hugs, gifts, just anything.

Learn to reward- yourself and others.

6) Forgive people & Let go

Our inability in forgiving others stops and bars us from receiving the best gifts from life.

When you hurt someone, seek forgiveness and when someone’s hurt you, forgive even if the person has not asked for it.

There is no better way to treat yourself and others right. Forgive and forget. So, who are you starting with?

7) Do what you love

When we do what we love, a sense of inner fulfilment & joy fills us up and this is a super powerful dose for good self-esteem.

Make a list of all that you love to do and are natural at. Then, GO DO IT.

You can give to others only what you are, and you become what you give to others. Right away list at least 5 things that you really would love to do and haven’t. Here you go!

8) Daily acts of kindness

Now this is not something to be done as a tick mark activity or as a once in a month routine. Then what? Kindness does not cost much and goes a long way in making you feel good about your life, and this is a fantastic booster to good self-esteem. You can be kind with your thoughts, words, actions or just by simply sharing what you have.

9) Open yourself to allow life to flow through you

Just as the fish has an effortless relationship with its waters, so should yours be with your life. Life is precious and live it before it runs out. Things change the moment you make the decision to change, and the only way to measure that change is through new positive behaviours.

So, what are you changing and how? What in your life will change with these new behaviours?

Go, get it!

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