6 mind-blowing facts about you that your signature can reveal -
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6 mind-blowing facts about you that your signature can reveal

Even before you get to see someone’s handwriting, their signature is the one thing that you can easily and quickly get your hands on.

If you’ve ever found yourself curious – looking and trying to decode someone’s signature or your own, read on, this blog is for you!

A ‘signature‘ does what earlier thumb prints or seals would do. While putting thumb prints to analysis could be a task, signatures are not. Your signature is your self-image in public: which means it represents how others perceive you and also how you project yourself.

A ‘signature‘ can help you not only understand the mindset of a person but also whether or not you should deal with them, do business with them, trust them, and whether they are real in public or masking their true identity, and much more!


So, are you ready to discover 6 interesting facts about why a person signs the way he signs, and how a sign can help in reading the mind? Here we go…

Fact # 1: Illegibility

Legibility in a signature means that the name can be clearly read. Every letter is a thought, and when you can’t read the signature, it’s the thoughts that you cannot read. It is an illegible signature when you can’t read it.

Now, when will a person not allow you to read his thoughts?

It could be as well such that the writer himself lacks clarity and does not wish to communicate who he is.

Fact # 2: Underline

‘Underline’ is the line that one puts below the signature.

This not only completes the signature, but also marks a foundation – a base upon which the writer stands with confidence. When we sit or stand, we make sure that it is a plain surface. Similarly, with your signature, make sure that the underline is straight and just a single one.

Fact # 3: Size & Style

It’s good to have a signature of the same size and style as your usual writing. There is no masking here. You are what you are and how you are, whether in public or in private. You are not spilt between a private behaviour and a public behaviour.

Fact # 4: Ascension or Descension

As we journey through life, one objective is that life moves forward and upward. Here, signature is of much importance. If your mindset is failing you, nothing can stop the signature from falling down, and the signature of Adolf Hitler is a classic example of that. An ascension in signature (not excessive) projects one who exhibits good confidence, enthusiasm and optimism in public. You can check if you find these ascensions in the writing as well.

Fact # 5:Angular

If the signature seems to be like angles scrawling up and down it shows a person who is very critical and analytical. They need to give their logical mind some rest. Others will not feel very comfortable in their company as they are very quick in giving a piece of their mind.

Fact # 6: Capitals

Starting your name and surname with good capitals is a very good thing to do. It not only reveals healthy self-esteem, but will also help you stand out and take initiatives as well. It is a must that the name and surname starts with uppercase letters only.

However, these are just a few glimpses into signature analysis – there is a lot more about this that can be learnt. We hope that you find these tips and tricks useful!

To have a good and thorough knowledge about signature analysis and how to design the right signature for you, check out our Signature Analysis Course now!

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  • Lehar Bagaria

    It’s fascinating.

    October 27, 2020

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