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Price : INR 1,499/-


We all desire happy relationships. At the same time, we also know and understand that happy and fulfilling relationships do not come easily.


Some questions that might come up as we try to understand our own relations with our partner, or those of someone else, are :


  • Are happy relations possible?
  • Is it normal to have arguments?
  • What is the basis of relationships?
  • Is it something we need to be mutually responsible for?
  • Can a rough patch be cleared?
  • Why do people fall in love easily but cannot stay in love?
  • Are there triggers and anchors?
  • Sexual, emotional, mental intimacy?
  • And so many more questions…


Can these and more be gauged and identified through handwriting? Well, the answer is yes!


Can this be corrected through handwriting changes? Well, the answer is yes again!


To understand where your relationship stands, to overcome any hurdles together, or to assess your compatibility with your partner, book your consultation session now!

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Price : INR 999/-


Often times we make a mistake that only youngsters face the challenge of making the right career choices. Well, that’s not true! This can happen at any age. People spend an entire lifetime merely trying to figure out what they want to do, and the biggest challenge here is that either they don’t know what they are good at, or they do not know how to explore possibilities with the same.


A crisp Career Analysis provides wonderful insights based on a complete SWOT Analysis of an individual. It helps make the person aware of their strengths and weaknesses based on the handwriting traits, so that they gain enough clarity on what they are capable of, good at, and what is possible.


Whether you are a youngster looking for the right path for you, or someone looking to change your career path for a better life, this can help steer you in the right direction!

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Price : INR 999/-


Your signature is like your official identity. It signifies your public image, and those who do not even know you personally, would identify you through your signature. It is your official stamp, your official seal, and your public identity.


Have you ever wondered why it is that everyone signs differently? Well, it is affected by our personal and professional world. It is affected by how we understand ourselves internally, and how we perceive ourselves to be through the eyes of others. Whether we are confident in front of others or not, whether we are social, whether we are more of an introvert or an extrovert, can all be identified through your signature.


And guess what? We can also identify where and why these traits have cropped up within us. A change in our signature, avoiding certain common errors, can aid us to uplift our public image and confidence, leading to a better life.

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Price : INR 999/-


The subconscious mind understands the language of colours and images, and drawings are an expression of our subconscious traits and feelings. Now the way each element is included in a drawing portrays insights relating to the social, emotional and intellectual development of the child or person, and the colours chosen are the best means of expressions.


A Drawing Analysis, along with an understanding of colour psychology, can help identify the mindset, though processes, attitude and personality of any child or individual. Drawing Analysis is mostly useful for children who’s handwriting may not be entirely formed yet, or individuals with writing difficulties.

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Price : INR 999/-


Have you ever thought that your handwriting can tell you a lot about your various personality traits? Yes it can, because how you write is how you think! You can know your story through your handwriting.


A crisp Handwriting Analysis can provide a complete SWOT Analysis, outlining your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It not only provides relevant and useful information about your attitudes and aptitudes, but also helps you introspect upon various qualities and aspects of your life, thus helping you move towards a more meaningful and successful life.

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Price : INR 999/-


As you become an adult, your handwriting as well as your personality, has well-formed patterns. But when it comes to a child, what we must remember is that the child is still in the formation years. As the child grows up, the child is building patterns in life. The mind of the child is still getting programmed, which means that it is still like soft clay. We have to be careful about what environment the child is in, as just like a plant, the growth of the child depends on the environment it is planted in.


  • Do you ever wonder why your child indulges in certain behaviours?
  • Or how can your child overcome certain challenges he/she faces?
  • How can your child be better with confidence, self-esteem, concentration, focus, anything else?
  • Can you understand your child better?


Well, a detailed Child Analysis using handwriting and drawing mediums, can help identify your child’s mental state, thought patterns, attitudes towards others, and much more. This can help you to connect better with your child, understand him/her better, and help them towards a brighter future!

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Price : INR 999/-


  • What if a person whose concentration ability is less, is given a Research job?
  • What if a person who is not outspoken, is put into the Marketing team?
  • What if a person who fears to face the future, is appointed as the CEO of a Company?
  • Can we know the Strengths and Interests of a person through their handwriting even before appointing them?
  • Can we know the person beyond the academics?


Well, the answer is yes!


Graphology is the easiest and simplest tool for a complete SWOT Analysis at a glance. With a structured Recruitment Analysis, make sure that you hire the right person for the right team, the right leader in the right position, and take your organisation on the right path for ultimate success!

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