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Some Secrets to Happy Relationships

“Someone with whom you can share the worst
Someone with whom love comes first
Someone whose arms are the safest place
Someone with whom you need not race
Someone who accepts you as you are
Who’ll love you, and care for you
For exactly who you are’’

You are lucky, if you have this someone in your life!

And if not …

Can you become this someone in someone’s life?

The perfect partner, everyone wants. The perfect partner, who wants to become?
Have you ever wondered why it is so easy to fall in love, but so difficult to stay in love?

Sometimes we just get attracted to certain qualities in a person, and these qualities make us fall in love. What we cannot see or do not want to see is that, the people whom we love in our life are larger than what we know them to be. Our inability to stay in love is in not being able to look at the person as a whole, that he is a human too, who can smile and also cry, who wants to give and receive, who has sunny days and rainy ones too, who is not perfect and who is just a bit different from you.


We all want happy relationships. The recipe, we either do not know or do not want to try.

Your search can both end and begin here, if you’ve been wanting to understand yourself and your partner better.

Let’s see HOW, through Graphology, we can do this …

Spacing – Narrow or Wide

These are spaces that we create within our words while writing. If your partner has words spaced far from each other, it means that he/she needs space, and has a need to spend time by themselves too. Do not expect them to get involved instantly. Your partner first needs to observe, to know, and understand, before they can get involved and engaged with anything. You’ll need to have patience and allow them space.
On the contrary, if you or your partner are narrow spaced, you need a sense of belongingness. It’s like ‘I belong to you and you belong to me’. You need people around you, you need clear expressions of love and care. The concept of space does not exist in your dictionary.

Slant – Vertical or Left or Right

Your handwriting either stands vertical or it tilts to the left or to the right. Look at the upper lengths of your handwriting and check what they are. If the slants are vertical, these people are head-ruled. Their emotions are influenced by logics. If the slants are to the right, they love to express their emotions, and if they are to the left, you will find them suppressing their emotions. Check yours and check that of your partners too; and instead of complaining or wondering, decode your choice of expression. Identify whether you are someone who will express love by saying ‘I love you’ or you are someone who will not be able to express love so easily.

Size – Large or Small

If you or your partner have large writing, you need more space wherever you are. Simply put, you need more attention. You are more demanding in relationships, and might miss out on the joys that small little things can bring in. This in no way means that you or your partner or whoever has this size, does not know what love is or does not love you.
On the contrary, if it is a small size writer, you love to do for your partner, things that require planning and detailing. Your shelter is in the warmth of the arms of your loved ones. You find joy in the small little things of life.

Understand the love language of your partner and don’t expect based on how you express.

In addition you can do these :

Ways to use your time :

• Talk to each other, and not about each other.
• Give small little surprises. Don’t wait for something big.
• Spend quality time. Quantity isn’t always important.
• Take up a common hobby together.
• Appreciate each other.
• Most importantly, forgive each other. Love can’t exist when we can’t let go.

If you want to know more about you and your partner, feel free to book a session here.

In building relationships, we forget that the other person, along with being our partner, is an individual too! Everyone has their own love language. Let’s understand ours and theirs. Let the story that began happily also end as – and they lived happily ever after.

Keep the essence of love alive.

Keep yourself alive.

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