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Research shows that while we write, our hands and fingers directly interact with the paper, thus forming letters, words and sentences; and in the process, the finger movements activate multiple regions of the brain associated with processing, and helps us in remembering information.

While the above research is relevant, it is also a fact that the world has digitalised faster than we could comprehend, especially in the year 2020. We live in an era where instant coffee mix has replaced the traditional brewing and we all would agree that nothing can still match that.

And while this makes us ponder upon how many things have gone almost instant in our lives, writing has too. With us glued to some screen all the time, it seems to be much easier and faster to use the digital pad compared to the traditional paper. 


  • Why is this so?
  • And if this is so, stop reading this blog for a minute and think – do you use diaries more or the keyboard more, to write your thoughts?
  • Also think, why do most successful professionals / entrepreneurs always have a diary and pen with them?
  • Are you one of them?

Our life is constantly revolving around tasks, tasks at all levels. There are times when we find ourselves looped in, looped in our own thoughts. A lot of our thoughts consume us because we’ve either not executed them, or put them down in a place that could act as our buddy to remind us of what needs to be done.

Having your plans, wishes, dreams, goals, actions etc. not put down in a place, in a diary, where you can see it all together, might consume a lot of your energy in just trying to remember things and putting them together.

Successful people are excellent managers of time, and a diary with a pen is one of their most crucial weapons. Having a diary in no way means not keeping up pace with technology. It is respecting technology, and at the same time implementing the tried and tested methods of putting all tasks and actions to be taken at one place, and having quick access to everything at once. The secret lies in having access to your own mind, your own thoughts instantly, and what you write in your diary can take you directly there. 

So, what are the benefits of writing down your thoughts on paper as compared to creating folders on your desktop or laptop?

  • Using a pen creates more engagement and involvement with the paper as compared to the keyboard. This, in turn, helps you think better, assess better, plan better and act better.
  • When you read what you’ve written, it becomes more relatable than when you see what is written. 
  • There’s a psychological and deep connect that we form every time we write. The way you write is unique to you and hence the connection is instant. 
  • It is faster to reach out to your diary.
  • It is an excellent goal tracker.
  • Writing lends you focus.
  • Writing gratifies and involves our senses in a way that nothing else does.
  • Writing brings out and enhances our creative side as there are lesser distractions.
  • A diary is an exceptionally beneficial tool to be able to track your goals, especially when the diary is goal-based, like My Goal Diary 2021, where you can reflect, plan, strategize, chunk down your goals, and make sure that you execute them.
  • What you write, tends to manifest. Thoughts, when penned down, tend to become things.
  • Write well, plan well, live well.

While we shall definitely continue using our keyboards, the power of writing down directly using a pen and paper cannot be overruled or disregarded. If you’ve been doing so, we wish you more success! And if you’ve not been using a diary so far, what better time than NOW, with a New Year almost round the corner?

If you are looking for the right kind of diary to be your buddy and help you achieve success with your goals for the year, check out our My Goal Diary 2021 – available in four colours and three price ranges, and specially designed to help you plan, strategise and execute your goals for the New Year!

‘’What you write, is what you see. What you see, is what you do. What you do is what you get. What you get is what you have.”

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