Why to "Think Before You Speak" and How you can identify or change this habit? -
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Why to “Think Before You Speak” and How you can identify or change this habit?

“Think before you speak” is an age old saying that most of us have grown up with. Some have understood the essence and lived by it, while others found it tough. 

What does this saying mean and why is it important that we live by it?

Well, words have power, and once they are out of your mouth there’s almost no going back unless you’ve found a way to repair them. When we do not allow our thoughts to get processed and filtered, the words that come out are random. Which means there is no gap between the relevant and the irrelevant. 

Some find it like really difficult to refrain from excessive talking. If this is you, you certainly must have been asked by many around you at home or at work, to be more careful with not just what to say but also how much to say. If this is not you, you’d definitely find this quality in someone around you, only to understand why this person is like that.

But before we move any further, how does it sound if I tell you that this quality is something that can be revealed through the handwriting? And not only that, there are measures to deal with it as well!

Have you ever thought,

Why people don’t think before they speak?

How would life be if we could differentiate between the relevant and the irrelevant?

What is the underlying need of such writers?

Get set … Here we go!

Graphology is an amazing tool that can help you have a binocular look into your own life or that of others, to understand what is the underlying pattern behind every behaviour that is reflected through all that the pen does on the paper. The ink is revealing how the writer thinks. 

Don’t you think life would be lot simpler only if trying to understand self and others did not feel like a maze?

People are people. They have needs at different levels. Some are expressed, some get attention, while some get stored deep inside them. These hidden needs evoke a response in the writer that helps in understanding why he does what he does. 

People who do not think before they speak are carrying a need. This unattended need results in not understanding where to start talking and where to stop. 

Some reasons are stated below before we understand the Graphology Trait:

  • They wouldn’t be talking so much if they felt that they had been heard enough
  • Their inner need for attention
  • A need to belong 
  • Fear of being left out
  • Insecurity 
  • An inability to process rationally
  • Lack of discernment
  • And above all, an emotional or mental gap that they are looking to be filled, that was most likely created in their childhood phase

Every word that we utter is an extension of our thought and thoughts are what we are constantly imprinting on the paper as the pen moves across the blank page.  

Now comes the Graphology Trait:

Step 1 : Identify & Understand

Wide open middle zone of Letter ‘a’
Wide open middle zone of Letter ‘o’

When the oval of the middle zone letter ‘o’ or ‘a’ is widely open like shown in the image, it indicates an open mouth which means that this person has a constant need to talk and say something. Now, this results in unnecessary talking, chatting or even gossiping. It is tough for such writers to keep secrets also. So now you know who these writers are. 

Step 2 : Call to Action

Make a conscious change and practice the correct formation for a minimum of 30 days and observe a shift. This will help you to refrain from indulging in excess chatting or gossiping. All you need to do is close these ovals, which means make the starting point and ending point meet to make a nice clean oval. 

Step 3 : Enjoy the new positive change by making new habits. 

If you’d like to know more about how Graphotherapy works, click here.

Words of Caution : Do not use these tips to judge others. If you wish to live life well, the tips shared in this blog and other blogs are only meant to help you have a better understanding of your life through Graphology. 

Live Simple, Live Free!

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