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Graphology Letters

You are relaxed and feel lethargic to perform activities that require you to constantly move.

These writers are pro-active in nature. It is by nature that they prefer to be constantly on the move with some activity or the other to keep them busy with. Sitting idle is a strict no-no for them.

It is time that you learnt to deal with yourself more freely. Being less judgemental about yourself and others will make life a lot easier and certainly more beautiful.

Your thought process is difficult to be read. As a result of this complex thought process the way you look towards life as well gets complicated with time. Try to simplify the way you think as that can serve as the solution to many prevalent problems!

You believe in keeping smaller circles of friends and acquaintances since you are quite choosy when it comes to trusting people. Resultantly thus you restrict your own self from growing better.

You are heightened sensitivity to criticism often leaves you with less scope for improvement and more hurt. Don’t take every piece of criticism that comes your way so seriously! And the few you take, make sure they help you improve instead of making you depressed.

You are more on the rigid side when it comes to looking at life. Resultantly thus you often miss out on life’s better side. Your strength in character is a pro but at times you can loosen up little and let yourself, breathe.

Your listening skills need quite an improvement! Since it is only when we listen to what people around us have to say that we improve. Start listening more and you will see the change!

You must be well known among your circles as a good listener! In a crowd where most of us are ready to put forward our views on things, a person like you is well cherished for their listening skills!

You are good in execution. A little bit of planning can make things better.

You execute a great balance between planning, strategizing how to execute the plan, and executing too. No doubt you get paid back for your efforts too!

Owing to you being extremely selective towards whom you allow in your circle, you often unknowingly compromise on your own growth. Being a little more expressive and accepting will help you in uncounted ways.

You are someone who readily accepts and trusts people around you creating a friendly vibe. You are as well successful in completing the tasks assigned to you almost every time!

Your brilliant ideations and creative vein can be seen in every work that you execute. Keep it up!

You like fast execution of thoughts and thus put to action all that you have planned without losing time. You as well specialize in what you practice.

It shows that you have developed a tendency of Procrastination. This is negatively hampering your work and not allowing you to express yourself to your fullest potential. Start putting the dot of your ‘i’ s at the center & you will see the difference!

In order to plan your future, your present is going completely ignored. Resultantly you are always in a sense of anxiety and turmoil. Change it. Start with putting the dots of your i s at the center and let us know the difference.

You believe in keeping smaller circles of friends and acquaintances since you are quite choosy when it comes to trusting people. Resultantly thus you restrict your own self from growing better.

You are generous when it comes to trusting others, and thus you have a nice social circle. You are as well responsible towards finishing the tasks that are assigned to you.

Your attachment with your partner is exemplary and you two share a strong emotional connect.

The relationship between you and your partner is slowly losing its momentum and becoming more of a mechanically driven bond.

You are quite creative in the way you look at your life and open towards framing alternative ideas and not take a back foot after a certain failure.

You are quite creative in the way you look at your life and open towards framing alternative ideas and not take a back foot after a certain failure.

The sharpness of your skills is highly oriented around Mathematics, as your nature is more analytical and you are sharp with your skills.

You are a skillful follower of your heart, and once you are passionate towards doing something you do it the best.

Your academic qualifications are the assets that you strongly hold on to. It is you r degrees that you consider to be your real wealth with which you can move ahead in life.

The stress that burdens you up in life is holding you back from developing further. Let go your analytical strain for a change, to live life to the fullest.

You are not expressive when it comes to giving a voice to your feelings. Thus your heart and your expressions are often not in sync.

You often get dragged on by the false hopes that you often build up within your heart resulting in disappointment.

Your sports and materialistic interests take up a lot of space in your mind. You have a general inclination towards these and that reflects in the way you write P.

You are known among your circles for being a helpful personality. It is your availability to anyone who needs your assistance that makes you popular among your circles.

You are not aggressive by nature. However when situation demands you can be aggressive in order to defend what is wrong according to you.

Aggression is not a word in your dictionary. If a situation needs you to deal it with aggression you would rather chose to avoid it than going ahead.

Your creativity is one of your greatest USPs. Furthermore, over the years you have cultivated interest for music, which is as well revealed by the way you write the letter R.

You have a strong creative trait in you, and what gives your creativity an edge is your determination with which you execute your creative ideas.

You are by nature sympathetic but you prefer to be quiet about it. You would like to help others to the best of your abilities but would like to do it silently, away from public gaze.

You are more vocal about how, being sympathetic to others, can help in taking humanity ahead. However, you need to execute it better in your own life going ahead in order to lead by example.

Your everyday mundane chores are keeping you away from your bigger goals. It is time to learn how to divide duties among others, so that you can prioritize your greater objectives and make a mark.

Your strong will power and quality of endurance definitely add to your pros. Furthermore, the fact that you are goal oriented is clearly expressed through the way you write your ‘t’s. Mr.Inkestein says, keep up the hustle!

You have an inclination towards getting analytical in regions that do not need your attention. As a result of which you end up wasting your energy. Try and focus on prioritising more, and feel the change!

There is some aspect of your life that keeps you confused all through. As a consequence this reflects in your efforts. Speak about it to your closed ones; they may reach out to help.

The potential of your mind is huge when it comes to analysing the things that you need and want to dig deep on. This leads you to a better stance in life.

You don’t use up your analytical capacity even when it is needed, leading to you being lesser productive in the long run. Start writing your ‘v’s and you shall soon see the change.

You have a strong maternal influence in your life and with time you have developed a stronger inclination towards your mother.

Academically wherever you stand today, has a considerable contribution from your mother. It is for her dedication towards your educational growth that you could create your identity.

Your thought process has an amazing clarity. It’s the simplicity with which you think that influences the people around you.

Your thought processes are not much emotionally driven. You have a technical and mechanical way of thinking and understanding things happening around you.

In life at times, trusting people can lead us to negative experiences but that does not justify us not trusting people anymore. Same goes for you, as you can definitely succeed better in life once you start trusting people more.

You are one lucky chap! And owing to your inclination towards positive experiences you are good at trusting your own potentials as well the potentials of the people around you.

You are someone who is great at execution. Just planning and expecting things to work out is not your thing. Rather you look forward to putting things into action.

You are great at planning ahead. Your plans of how to move forward need not always find proper execution. But that doesn’t stop you from planning your way ahead.