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person having trouble in decision making

Some say decision making is a process, while others feel that it is a habit. As long as you are taking the right ones or the ones that lead you to the right ones, it is all ok! Another perspective is that people think that people who are good with decision making have good clarity. My perspective here is that they reach to a point of clarity, but the road always...

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parent-child relationship_graphology

How we, as humans, bring up a child is sometimes different and sometimes similar with how other species do. The major difference is that we have forgotten to listen to the voice of parenting which comes from within us - it is called Parenting Instinct. It is there in every species, every living being. What is parenting all about? Parenting is raising a child physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. It is...

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Parenting is considered to be the most challenging and difficult full-time job, a job that is literally 24x7! Many-a-times it seems difficult to grasp how or why our child is so different from us. It can reflect in thoughts, actions, preferences, and this really takes us aback sometimes, as parents. But we need to understand that kids are as unique as snowflakes, and sometimes they can be completely different than us,...

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We are in a very versatile and fast-moving world where things change with just a click of a finger. While technology is taking leaps to upgrade the way we do business physically, Graphology on the other hand, is a tool to upgrade our mental abilities to tackle business. Graphology is the science of analyzing a person’s characteristics through the medium of their handwriting. It is a way to understand people, their...

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Have you ever thought where the word Motivation comes from? Motivation comes from a Latin word called ‘movere’ meaning ‘to move’. As the meaning suggests, motivation is the factor that helps us move forward in life. Motivation can be both intrinsic and extrinsic, meaning it can be encouraged from both inner forces and outer forces. Whatever may have caused the motivation, what is more important to understand is the positive effect...

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Every person feels fear and experiences the discomfort that fear brings, including the successful ones. The big difference between the trying to be successful ones and the successful ones is that the latter have been able to move past these fears because their belief in what is possible is much more than the fear of what is not possible. We’ve all felt lacks of confidence, as kids, or while stepping into...

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