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Effective Parenting and Graphology -
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Effective Parenting and Graphology

Parenting is considered to be the most challenging and difficult full-time job, a job that is literally 24×7!

Many-a-times it seems difficult to grasp how or why our child is so different from us. It can reflect in thoughts, actions, preferences, and this really takes us aback sometimes, as parents. But we need to understand that kids are as unique as snowflakes, and sometimes they can be completely different than us, and it’s important that we understand the uniqueness of our children.

Unsurprisingly, parenting can get tricky if you try to raise a mini-me! For example, if you are outgoing and your child is quiet and shy, pushing your child to be more like you could unnecessarily lead to frequent tantrums; as could trying to tone down a high-intensity child just because you are laid back.

So, what if you find out what the unique traits are in your child?

• Is your child a shy child or an outgoing one?
• Is your child extrovert or an introvert? Check out this quick watch to find out!
• What is actually going on in your child’s mind?
• What is your parenting style?
• How will you feel when your child ignores or doesn’t understand what you are trying to communicate?
• Why do you think they do what they do?

Well, what if I tell you that all these traits and much much more can be easily decoded by just analysing your child’s handwriting? Yes! Handwriting is the mind-writing, and early signs of problematic behaviour can be easily assessed through your child’s handwriting. The good news is that you can not only assess and analyse what’s going on in your child’s mind, but also make the required changes through Graphotherapy, and even change your parenting style accordingly!

Here are some tips for dealing with personality clashes in the parent-child relationship, before they drive both of you nuts!

• Focus on the positives.
• Get help from other family members who share traits with your child.
• Don’t criticize your child or try to change them.
• Talk to your child qualitatively not just quantitatively.

You see, it’s important to really appreciate your child’s personality as it would not only create a healthy nurturing environment for them, but you would also learn how to broaden your own horizons! That way, you can really help your child be the best they can be!

Labels stuck to children in their childhood are hard to peel off later. Toddlers tagged as ‘shy’ are likely to always doubt their social capabilities, and those branded ‘aggressive’ are likely to push and bully their way through life.

• Just because a child is born with the tendency to be shy, doesn’t mean they can’t gain confidence and learn how to socialize comfortably.
• Just because a child has got endless energy, they need not be on their toes always; their energies can be constructively channeled into sports or dance or other activities.

Here are a couple of quick Grapho-Tips to help you nurture your child :

• Teach your child to write the letter ‘t’ like this, to help them uplift their self esteem!

• Channel the energy in your child constructively by encouraging them to have clear legible writing.

Whatever are the inborn traits, parental nurturing always influences how a child’s personality is ultimately shaped.

So, to find out these inborn traits and nurture your child in the right way, get your Handwriting Analysis done along with your Child’s Analysis, and build a strong foundation in your parent-child relationship!

Watch this video to check out some quick tips on how you can deal with your child’s distraction and help them to focus more easily!

Happy Parenting!

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