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Graphology and Personality Characteristics- What is the connection? -
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Graphology and Personality Characteristics- What is the connection?

Graphology and Personality Characteristics- What is the connection?

Is there a connection between Graphology and Personality Characteristics?

Graphology has been an age-old science used to analyze the handwriting of people and what their personality characteristics are. Every pattern that is formed on the paper tells a story of its own. It’s one of the finest ways to understand the personality of a person inside out even without them telling you who they are and how they feel.

There might be times when a person does not open up to you, and that too is visible in the writing of the person. As a graphologist, you can read their thoughts, know their mindset, and also their beliefs with the help of a written sample. There are several uses of graphology as well. Read this blog.

Let’s take a peek into the world of graphology helping you know more about understanding types of personality traits through handwriting:

Trait 1: What does your T crossbar tell about your Personality in Graphology?

Your T crossbar talks about your self-esteem. Placing the T crossbar fairly high is the key to having the right self-esteem.

graphology personality characteristics

Try it for 21 days without a break and you’ll be amazed to see the results. To know more, watch the video-

Trait 2: In Graphology, what does your Y loop talk about your Personality and Characteristics?

Letter Y talks about your success. Once you start completing the letter ‘y’, you will see yourself start completing things by taking them to the finishing line. You can complete the letter ‘y’ by writing it as shown below :

graphology personality characteristics

Trait 3: What do margins identify about your personality traits?

Your margins tell a lot about your past. Are you are attached to it? Are you in terms with it or are you trying to avoid it? They also talk about your future and how you approach it, if you are opportunistic, or want to take up risks and face the challenges that come your way.

Completing your right margins and taking them to the end will actually help you to build your confidence.

Put aside a ruled notebook, and practice the correct letter ‘t’ formation for the next 30 days. To change, CHANGE.

Here’s one more pattern that you can include as a part of your daily practice (in a plain notebook), and see how harmony, peace, and calmness will become a natural state again.

Trait 4: What does your signature tell about your personality?

The signature is a very important aspect in graphology. There’s a lot more to a signature than you might think. It is about your self-image, how you want people to see you as and how you show who you are. It’s like your identity.

Check out this blog to see what mistakes you can avoid in your signature.

Trait 5: Learn if you are a Planner or an Executor via Graphology-

The way you write the letter F talks a lot about your planning and execution skills. If you make only the upper loop, then you lack execution but you plan well and if you write f with the lower loop then you are good with taking actions but there’s a lack of planning.

To have a good balance between the two, you can practice the letter F as in the image below.

graphology personality characteristics

Most of all, what we need to remember is that we all have strengths and weaknesses and there’s always room for improvement.

For more interesting facts, keep visiting our site and keep reading our blogs!

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