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Graphology for Small Business Owners -
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Graphology for Small Business Owners

We are in a very versatile and fast-moving world where things change with just a click of a finger. While technology is taking leaps to upgrade the way we do business physically, Graphology on the other hand, is a tool to upgrade our mental abilities to tackle business.

Graphology is the science of analyzing a person’s characteristics through the medium of their handwriting. It is a way to understand people, their beliefs and the personality they have, just with the way they write. Your hand-writing is basically your mind-writing and Graphology helps to comprehend the mental state of people here.

This tool is largely gaining popularity amongst corporates and even small businesses, as it is giving a new perspective to look at things and deal with problems.

Some ways in which Graphology can help small businesses are :

Select your Business Partner : For any organization to literally grow, it is necessary that the decision makers of the organization share the same values and vision. While the qualifications and experience do hold a good place in selecting a person, it is more important to know and understand the person inside out before appointing him. Here, Graphology comes in to the picture, as a Graphologist can help you analyze the traits and make the right decision on the basis of it.

Select your Clients : Selecting your clients with full awareness is also very important! The clients a business is tying up with, need to be honest and good with their execution. A Graphologist can help in knowing these traits from the writing of that person.

Evaluate your Employees : Graphology helps to get a full SWOT Analysis of a person with the help of their handwriting. The strengths, weaknesses, how a person approaches the future, and the abilities of a person, can all be determined with the help of Graphology. It also helps to understand if the employee is a good fit for the organization, and which position is most suitable for them.

Ice Breaking Activity : Graphology can be used as ice breaking activity by the HR for new candidates. When there is a new candidate on board, it is essential that the person is comfortable in the new environment, for which it is vital to understand them on a deeper level. Thus, it can be used to know the employee better.

Tool for Self-Development : Graphology is widely used as a self-development tool. Even the small businesses can use it to upscale the mindset of their employees by educating them on their strengths and how to use it to overcome their weaknesses. This will help in collectively making the workplace better and more efficient.

Recruitment : Most of the time the wrong people are selected for the wrong position. An imbalance is created if, suppose a person who is more of a thinker is put into marketing, and an extrovert is put into finance. Here, Graphology plays a very big role in placing the right person with the right job. This saves both time and money of the organization, and increases productivity.

To Increase the Overall Productivity : From the above points, it is clear that Graphology can help in various ways to improve the overall business. When the right people are chosen, the right selection is done, the right decisions are made, and the employees use their full potential, then the organization is believed to grow. When your employees are motivated and understood in their work environment, it is much easier and a happier place to work at.

Some examples of uses of Graphology for small business owners are :

• Ryan runs a bakehouse, and one of the key jobs for his outlet is Sales and Marketing. With the help of Graphology, he could actually place the right person at the front desk for increased sales – someone who is active, extrovert and is good with handling people.

• Meera runs a Fashion House. For her, creativity and detailing of work are very important. She approached a Graphologist to recruit an appropriate person as the creative head for her team. With the help of Graphology, she could select the right candidate, who was really passionate about the work, had intrinsic creative instincts, and a good eye for fashion.

• Aditi runs a Law Firm and she wanted to pick the right partner for her business expansion strategy. She approached a Graphologist to check for traits of honesty and decision-making in the person she wanted to make a partner at the firm. She is very happy with the partner she selected and Graphology made her decision easier and quicker.

Having stated the above, Graphology can be your one-stop tool as a small business owner, to grow faster and create an environment that will help people and ideas nourish openly!

To book your Business Consultation with Graphology now, get in touch with us here.

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