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How can Graphology be used for Motivation? -
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How can Graphology be used for Motivation?

Have you ever thought where the word Motivation comes from? Motivation comes from a Latin word called ‘movere’ meaning ‘to move’. As the meaning suggests, motivation is the factor that helps us move forward in life. Motivation can be both intrinsic and extrinsic, meaning it can be encouraged from both inner forces and outer forces.

Whatever may have caused the motivation, what is more important to understand is the positive effect it has on the mind of a person. Psychologically speaking, your thoughts influence your actions, and positive thoughts lead to positive actions.

Jim Rohn once said, “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

The key of your life should be in your hands!


Taking action / acting on your goals gives you motivation. Execution of tasks results in finishing them, and when you finish a task, you become more confident. Also, even if you do not realize, you come closer to your target. That gives you motivation. It is good to have new targets and goals in your life because that is what will keep you moving. Setting a new goal each time you finish an old one, gives more motivation.

Staying focused on your targets also keeps the motivation going. Keeping your focus on the goals helps you achieve higher and faster results. Avoiding distractions and unhealthy conversations that pull you down keeps your energy intact.

The environment around you is also a factor to be considered. The people you are surrounded with – your friends, your family, each person contributes to your psychological health. You are your thoughts, so make sure your circle is positive because your thoughts are influenced by your outer circle too, to a great extent.

Try being the person you are looking for. Before looking out for people who inspire you, motivate you and support you, try to become the one who has the qualities that would leave a positive impact on whoever they meet. This can be achieved through improving yourself each day and being a better version of who you were.

Rewards give us motivation. These can be given in kind or in material. Recognition, responsibility, appreciation are some forms of it. Self-care is also a part of it. Treating yourself right and giving yourself some incentives keeps you moving.

Attitude is very important. Your attitude towards life and situations shapes your mind. Healthy self-esteem and confidence are both involved in being ingredients of motivation. Being respected and accepted by others, helps an individual grow. Also, an attitude of gratitude creates a positive impact on your mind.

Your relations also play a role in motivating you. Your social needs create a sense of belongingness. Being a part of a group – be it family, friends, peers or even a partner, where you feel heard and understood, all aid in the motivation process. Being loved and showing love are both important in the process.

Ways in which Graphology can aid in the Motivation process:

Graphology can help you to understand yourself better. Learning Graphology can help in self-improvement, and this can help you become a better version of yourself. Once you understand yourself, it’ll be a cakewalk to understand others!

• Graphology can be used as a self-development tool. Graphotherapy is an amazing way to change your mind, as handwriting is basically mind-writing. You can overcome stress, sadness, laziness, pessimism and much more just with the help of Graphotherapy.

• Graphology can help you change your mindset. As the sheet of paper is like your day, it shows how you progress in your day. To change your mindset, you can actually give an attempt to go deep into the study of handwriting.

Letter ‘t’ – Your self-esteem is directly related to the letter ‘t’. To set your self-esteem right, placing the crossbar of letter ‘t’ fairly high is the key. Please refer to the image below to know the right way to write your ‘t’s.

Letter ‘f’ – The letter ‘f’ is graphologically an important letter. To finish your goals, both planning and execution need a balance. If you want to improve on it, refer to this blog and explore more on how you can be a better planner and executor, to gain motivation and achieve your goals!

• If you are struggling with your relationships, the emotional burden can affect your mental state, thus impacting your motivation levels. Check out this blog on how you can maintain better relationships!

• Be opportunistic. Take opportunities as they come to you. Graphologically speaking, start finishing your right margins and see the difference in your motivation level! Watch this video to see what we mean by ‘finishing your right margins’ :

Stay Motivated … Stay Tuned!!

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