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Google has made the world smaller and larger at the same time. There are plenty of articles on the internet that tell you what Graphology is, but there are few that tell you how graphology can help you transform your life and the lives of people around you. It is very intriguing to understand others, but there are times when we just forget that without understanding ourselves well, we can’t really understand others. 

Life happens every moment, and our desire to understand the mechanisms of life is never ending. We look for ways that are different, but the motto is always the same. Sometimes we find ourselves with an astrologer, or a numerologist, or a book, or a deep conversation with a Guru. Whatever it may be, the wish is always the same- How amazing would it be if I could understand life through my one pair of lenses?


Graphology, which means the science and art of handwriting analysis, can give to you those lenses that you’ve been wishing for.

Let’s understand the usual day-to-day instances that we witness in life around us.

A few cases for your understanding:

• Rajiv was hesitant to sit for an interview because he was struggling with low self-esteem and low confidence…

• Dhruv constantly kept on scoring low marks because of lack of concentration and poor handwriting…

• Seema and Rahul were struggling to keep their marriage alive every single day…

• Vinita just could not come out of her depression,in spite of being on pills for many years…

Such instances, and endlessly more, are real and are happening in someone’s life all the time.


Most life challenges, whatever the age or stage, cannot be sorted because there is no accurate diagnosis of the problem.

A graphologist can analyse all of this and more through your writing. You can understandwhy things are happening in your life, and why things are not happening. It is a simple yet super effective tool to become aware of the problem and achieve positivity in life, which is the basis of everything.


• If you can change the way you process your thoughts and steer your life towards what you desire,

• The second one, and a very powerful one, is to have a good understanding of life through Graphology. You may book a Grapho-Analysis Session here for a better understanding of your life through Graphology!

• Third, you can change the way you write. Your handwriting is your mind-writing and this works vice versa as well. Grapho-Therapy has the ability to reprogram your negative habits. Find out more about Grapho-Therapy here.

• Learn Graphology and have this everyday tool in your hands! Find out more about the Graphology Courses we offer here, and choose the one best-suited to your needs.

• Practice the pattern given below everyday. It shall help you release and get relieved of stress in a magical way! It shall help you revive the rhythm of your life!


• Be in the proximity of positive and supportive people.

• Write at least 5 things you are grateful for, every single day.

• Journal everyday.

• Wish for others what you want in your own life.

• Help others whenever possible.

• Pray and meditate.

We hope you found this blog meaningful. There is so much Graphology can do to change a person’s perspective completely. It is useful to deal with temper issues, to increase the concentration level, deal with stress, fear, be more opportunistic, optimistic, successful and much more!

Become aware about your own thoughts, acknowledge your feelings and realise where they come from, and it shall be much easier to understand others. This is actually possible with the consciousness Graphology brings in your life!

Every bit that you do either takes you forward or backward.

Make your life transformational by choosing to live it in the best possible way.

Understand MIND. Know GRAPHOLOGY. Live LIFE.

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