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How Can Graphology Help You in Decision-making? -
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How Can Graphology Help You in Decision-making?

graphology decision making

Some say decision making is a process, while others feel that it is a habit. As long as you are taking the right ones or the ones that lead you to the right ones, it is all ok! Take the help of Graphology!

Another perspective is that people think that people who are good with decision making have good clarity. My perspective here is that they reach to a point of clarity, but the road always has started with confusion. So, don’t get scared of a confused state! The good in this is that it is good to have a lot on the plate rather than having nothing at all.

But don’t stop there! The next thing you need to do is sort this out and then rearrange, so you can narrow down one by one what’s relevant and what’s not relevant. Just think of a time when you thought of cleaning your cupboard or a messed up drawer. And then, when you started to empty out all the contents first and then rearrange them, it always made you feel better rather than just trying to fix and shuffle things here and there.

Good decision making is just like that! Empty all that is there. Once that is done, confusion will start transforming into clarity, and you’ll know what steps to take further and eventually decision making will start coming to you very naturally.

Tip #1

List out the Pros and Cons of the decision that you want to make. It will help you get clarity in which way to go.

Tip #2

Little things do go a long way. Start taking decisions in small things from your day to day life. For example, take quick decisions on the food that you want to eat, or the colour you wish to wear, or simply the next movie to watch. This way, you will train your mind for greater decisions. It is just about believing that we can too.

Tip #3

Let me give you some tips on decision making based on Graphology as well!
Keep your handwriting as clear and simple as possible. Complex writing means complex thought processes. Simple, clean and legible writing reveals a writer who has clarity. And clarity naturally enhances good decision making. So, keep your writing clear and simple.

Tip #4

Another Graphology tip for you to improve your decision making process-

A lot in life happens based upon how we choose to move towards our aims and objectives, and whether we are sure and decisive of what we are doing or not.
Check your baselines. Have your baselines either straight or ascending. Wavy baselines are a sure sign of indecisiveness. They are just like you changing your mind every now and then, or not feeling settled with whatever you are doing. The question is – Do you want to know where you want to Go? It’s a ‘yes’ I’m sure, and you sure know what to do next!

Tip #5

Enjoy life and enjoy all that you have. Nothing is larger than life itself. Once you bring in an attitude of contentment and gratitude in your life, it will make you fearless. A mind without fear can do ordinary things extraordinarily.

And, and, and don’t worry about mistakes! Successful people make mistakes too. It is just that you get to see their wins. Enjoy your wins and restrategise what has not been working.  Taking steps is much better than not taking any at all.

If you are looking for something more detailed, Graphology can help. The above tips are just a few. There are many more traits that can reveal your decision making process and can help you better the same. Your very own handwriting has, embedded within it, the story of your life!

The extra unnecessary things like ticks, hooks, dots becoming dashes, etc. are the signs of irritation.

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