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How to build Confidence in just 21 days! -
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How to build Confidence in just 21 days!

Every person feels fear and experiences the discomfort that fear brings, including the successful ones. The big difference between the trying to be successful ones and the successful ones is that the latter have been able to move past these fears because their belief in what is possible is much more than the fear of what is not possible.

We’ve all felt lacks of confidence, as kids, or while stepping into adulthood, or as we grow old. We’ve gone through these gaps at all ages and stages in life when so many things did not happen the way we wanted them to. These lacks and gaps can be felt while taking up a new project, saying no to something you do not believe in, saying I love you to that one person whom you’ve been loving forever, or just anything. Whatever it is, at the end, not doing these things leaves us frustrated or stressed or simply incomplete.


What is confidence to you?
What does it look like, sound like or feel like?
What can you do with it?
What can you not do without it?
Is it an essential?
When was the last time you gave yourself an upgrade?

People inspire us.

Places inspire us.

Circumstances inspire us.

What is your fuel?

Look for that.
Get that.

Completing tasks effectively gives us more confidence.
Graphology helps make changes at a subconscious level.

Let’s see how!

Completing the letter ‘y’ and covering the Right Margin will help you build more confidence as you will start completing things by taking them to the finishing line.

You can complete the letter ‘y’ by writing it in this way :

You might also choose to go through the video on Self-Esteem to understand how good self-esteem is a great booster to make us do whatever we want to do by believing in what we do.

Some other activities that can help you build confidence :

• Take up something for the first time
• Finish a task that has been long pending
• Approach people
• Read great books
• Try a new hair colour / hair cut
• Talk to at least 5 strangers
• Make a list of activities that you love to do and then do them more fairly and consistently

Every bit that we do in life creates a change. We need to decide what that bit is, as that will determine the change, and hence the quality of our life.

If you are ready to take the next shift and transform into a confident version of you: we are ready with some good news for you. Registrations for our next course offering, The 21-Days Confidence Plan, has already begun.

Build up your confidence; uplift yourself to another level, and by the end of these 21 days, experience life like never before!

30 minute sessions daily before going to bed (10 pm to 10:30 pm) which includes:

• Assessment of key areas of life
• Assessment of where your confidence is now
• Creating clear goals of what will change in your life with increased confidence
• Sessions on communication, public speaking, increased clarity, work-life balance, etc.
• Process of changes at a subconscious level
• Daily practice sessions and tasks to execute
• & a lot more …

Register here

Confidence comes in various shapes and sizes. The flavor is always the same. It will always leave you feeling more confident.

Take up whatever it takes to build more confidence in you as there is no way to build a better you.

Enjoy living a more confident life!

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