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Some Common Signature Mistakes

As a kid I used to be super excited about my Signature, thinking what would it be like. When I saw my parents and teachers documenting their signatures every now and then, it surely felt like a person’s signature is very, very important thing. More than anything, it felt like having a signature would mean having an official identity. I’m sure this is taking you back to your own times when, probably you too as a kid, had thoughts on what your first signature would be like and who would be the inspiration behind it.

Moving to when I grew up and as an adult, thrilled to finally have my own signature, my happiness was different. But it was only when the interesting world of Graphology opened up to me, that I realised how much more was there to a signature than what my limited thoughts were about it. In my own signature and those that were vivid and clear in my mind’s eyes, as a Graphologist, I could see mistakes.

And while it is important to know what a signature should have, it is of equal importance to know what a signature should not have. So, I am sharing with you some of the common mistakes that I found people making with their signatures, and how the rectification of the same brought about a great change in their lives.


Mistake Number 1

Many times I need to ask people what their name/full name is, for the simple reason that I am unable to read their signature. People think that they are doing something really smart and tricky by making their signature illegible (means you can’t read what’s written). Well, if you’ve been doing so, it is definitely time for a change. Your signature is your public image, it’s your seal, it’s for the world to see who you are.


Mistake Number 2

We live in those times where we want a short-cut to everything. Well, success has no short-cuts and neither does your signature. Yes, really! If you are someone who does not even care enough to give enough time to make a proper signature, and would rather have a quick initial or something as a replacement to what a signature should be, well…. look back and ask yourself – why did you start doing this at the first place?

Next, do you still wish to continue?

Mistake Number 3

Another mistake, an interesting one, and it makes me wonder every time I see it is – Why do some of you scratch/strike off your signature? It is like cancelling, blaming or deleting your image, your identity and who you are.

Don’t do that anymore. PLEASE!

Mistake Number 4

If there is anyone who can put you down, it is you, you and only you. If you’ve heard me talk in my classrooms, talk shows, or videos, I do talk a lot about not letting your handwriting go down. Same rule for your signature please. Hold yourself up at all times. Avoid signatures that are sloping downwards.

Let us have our heads held high, at all times.

Mistake Number 5

Let yourself be who you are and what you are. If you have a huge difference between the way you write and the way you sign, you are escaping and hence living different lives. The variation can be in size, slant, pressure, zones, legibility or whatever. More the change, more the conflict. You know what I mean.… less conflict definitely means more peace, the right way of course.

I hope you enjoyed this quick yet insightful read on some of the common mistakes most of us make with our signatures.

Please note that what I have shared above are some of the mistakes. The world of Graphology is vast. For more on signatures you can read here.

Also, for more quick insights on Graphology you may choose to browse through the Blog Section or visit our Youtube Channel.

Have a great signature!

Have a great life!

We all deserve one!

You deserve one!

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